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If you have Membership Business arrive by 6:15 pm

Holbrook Sportsmen’s Club New Member Information

  • To be accepted as a Conditional Member of the HSC, you MUST first attend the Club and Safety Orientation. For this 3 hour class you will receive one signature on your yellow Conditional Member card (Received during your first club meeting, after attending the Orientation). This event is free of charge and can be registered for through the website calendar.
  • Print a copy of the current Range Rules and bring them to Orientation.  Range Rule Download here.
  • Once you have attended the Orientation you must attend a Club Meeting to receive your "yellow card".  Please bring the "white card" you received during Orientation.
  • If you have a sponsor that person must be present both when you move to conditional and associate member status.
  • Club Meetings are every first and third Monday of the month starting at 8:00pm.
  • Please come to your first Club Meeting between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, and report to the membership table with your membership dues payment. HSC accepts Check, Money Order, or Credit Card, NO CASH. Please DO NOT pre-pay your membership dues via the mail.  Due to the time constraints of the meeting, if you do not arrive at or before 7:00pm we may not be able to process your application that evening.
  • There will be a 25 question safety test, based on the safety orientation, administered during your first general meeting
  • As a Conditional Member, you will not have free access to the Club. In order to become an Associate Member (access with a key card to the Club), you need to get six signatures to complete the process.
  • The other five signatures can be obtained by attending Monday Club Meetings and/or by volunteering "work hours". Volunteer opportunities are available on Saturday and Tuesday mornings beginning at 8:00am, and by helping out at events held at the Club (check the calendar online or the white-board in the clubhouse). Your last signature can be the Monday Club Meeting you attend to become an Associate Member. (If applicable, sponsor must be present during this meeting)
  • Minimum 60 day waiting period from the date you become a Conditional Member
  • Please arrive early for the Club Meeting you attend to become an Associate Member and report to the membership table to turn in your yellow Conditional Member card with all six signatures. At the meeting membership will be vote on your induction to the club as an Associate Member. You will then receive a Membership Card and Key Card. 
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