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2023 Egg Shoot Schedule

Shooting is done from a seated bench position. The match will be shot on the 100 yard range front rests are limited to bi-pods, sandbags, blocks of wood, rolled up towels, etc.  Rear rests are limited to sandbags.  The use of bench-rest tri-pods, gun cradles are is not allowed, front mechanical rests are allowed and put you in custom class as do any "F" class bi-pods. This is so that all shooters including those new to the event will be competing on an even playing field. 50/50 match's can use any front rests, rear rest cannot be mechanical, no one piece rests will be allowed. Classes are Sport - Match and Custom. Only the shooters and range officers will be allowed on the firing line. 

This is a .22 Rimfire only event that will be held on the 4th Saturday of the month January through November. Start time is at 9:00 am. cost per match/relay is $10.00. 

Match dates 4th Saturday of the month 9:00 AM Start 4 relays.

02/24/2024 25 Meter Benchrest indoors

03/23/2024 25 Meter Benchrest indoors

04/27/2024 100 yards - Benchrest Outdoors begins.

05/25/2024 50/50 Benchrest targets

06/22/2024 Pops - Lollipops and Q-Tips

07/27/2024 100 yards - Steel Eggs 

08/24/2024 - 10 Steel Eggs & 10 dumb dumb's

09/28/2024 100 Yards - Steel Eggs

10/26/2024 TBD

11/23/2024 TBD

12/28/2024 TBD

Match details will be sent to the club members by bulk email prior to the event. If you would like to be on the group email list please signup at the next event or email me direct at n677cs@comcast.net and you will be added to the list. 

Match director reserves the right to make any adjustments to any match and has final say on all disputes. 

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